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Clenaglass.com has been established to offer trusted brands at great value prices with advice and support through the buying process and excellent customer service thereafter.

With so many different brands to choose from, it is our job to advise you on products that have proven track record of many years trading that there products can offer the following:

  • Reliability - for both the product and their support to you, the customer
  • Dependable Warranties - They support the product with trained engineers and readily available spares
  • Innovation - A constant development programme
  • Environmental Concerns - Development of products that are less harmful to the environment
  • Life Time Costs - By investing in reliable and efficient equipment, your business will see a return in less servicing costs and less downtime

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Clenaglass.About Us

Clenaglass.com is committed to supplying quality equipment backed with regular service and long warranties to ensure your business is not complicated by failing equipment, delayed breakdowns and repairs.

Nick Durham, the General Manager, has over 20 years experience in the provision of bar equipment and has a simple philosophy of providing the right equipment for the job with excellent service and will only sell equipment with proven efficiency and ‘rock solid’ warranties. With so many different brands coming in from all areas of the world, it is important to choose equipment that is right for the job. Supported by dependable warranties, well trained engineers and fast response times.